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Burn An Extra 2-12 Lbs Of Fat Per Month And Preserve All Your Muscle With My Step-By-Step Keto System…

*IMPORTANT: Legal Disclaimer. I’m an experienced, long-term keto dieter and my results are not typical. My experiences are not a guarantee you will burn body fat and lose weight. You may lose more, less or the same.

I’d like to take a guess that…

Maybe you’ve tried keto before and know about the benefits – the rapid fat burning, the 2x productivity, the unstoppable confidence, and how it just makes you feel better…


  • Maybe mainstream keto is too “all or nothing” for you. And you feel like you always have to be strict and be in ketosis to get any benefit.
  • Maybe you live in a house, or work in an office, where you’re surrounded by other people’s carb-y foods and that’s gotten frustrating.
  • Maybe you’re tired of making keto meals for yourself and high carb side dishes for your wife and kids.
  • Maybe you miss drinking beer and want that back in your life.
  • Maybe your wife tries to support your keto diet but she doesn’t really get it & she “accidentally” tempts you with donuts from time to time?
  • Maybe you’ve gotten annoyed by tracking macros or testing ketones?
  • Maybe you’re tired of the endless back & forth with friends & family who tell you that keto is “bad for you” or that you “need carbs for energy” or that “a little sugar won’t hurt.” Or, even worse, they question your staying power and say your keto eating “won’t last.”

And the list goes on and on because you’ve been taught the mainstream keto approach which is super impractical for most of us.

And you’re in a tough spot because you know that if you don’t follow through on keto…You might never lean out and achieve your destiny.

And wouldn’t it be great to have a physique of lean muscle mass that’s a useful source of confidence & strength rather than just some surface you cover with clothes.

Wouldn’t it be satisfying to leave your doctor absolutely speechless at your next check up rather than giving him the justifications he needs to write you expensive prescriptions and schedule annoying follow up visits. 

Wouldn’t you like to feel the thrill of being a respected leader amongst your friends & co-workers rather than just a contributor.

Wouldn’t you like to be reminded what it feels like to have your wife tugging at your belt loops rather than having to bargain for it.

Will your kids revere you and remember all the fun you had together, or will they remember how dad struggled with his weight and couldn’t keep up. Will they be proud to get out of the car with you or will they jump out quick before anyone notices who they’re with.

Will your life be an adventurous hunt for new skills, new experiences, and new business opportunities or will it be a harvest of the same things you already know & do.

Given the opportunity in front of you, I feel like you’re at an important crossroads.

The good thing is that you’ve come to the right place because…

I was in your shoes about ten years ago…

After a lifetime of being one of those naturally lean guys who could always “out metabolize” or “out exercise” the carbs I was eating…

All of a sudden I found myself in my mid-twenties living in Chicago in a cold weather climate, working a time-consuming desk job, uninterested in establishing a consistent exercise routine, and spending my free time in bars & restaurants.

And all those carbs got me fat real fast…

Ryan Before Keto

My sagging physique started to affect my confidence.

I had always been someone who didn’t think twice about taking off his shirt at the pool — but once I got chubby, I needed a few beers to loosen my inhibitions.

I remember using old photos on dating sites because I wasn’t proud of my current ones.

Maybe it was all in my head, but I started to feel completely overlooked by the women I was interested in. My confidence was shot.

Beyond the chubbiness, my carb eating was causing other problems.

I wasn’t seeing my good friends as often because carbs were stealing the time & energy I needed to be social.

It was hard for me to do much besides go to work & watch TV because I was constantly in and out of carb comas.

Life got boring. And I was still stuffing my face with carbs, of course.

My sex drive & ambition went down, my social anxiety went up, and I experienced mood swings that I wasn’t accustomed to. That led me to trying pills and hormone injections to try and fix things.

That only helped for a short period of time, if at all.

I didn’t know what to do.

I knew this shouldn’t be happening to me in mid-twenties.

Then I got lucky.

I got introduced to a book called The Paleo Solution written by Robb Wolf.

It was the first time I connected what you eat to how you look & feel.

It wasn’t just about how much you ate. What you ate was just as important.

That was good news for someone like me who liked to binge on occasion and hated eating in moderation.

I also liked the idea of eating the way our ancestors did before agriculture & Big Grain & Big Sugar took over.

So I went paleo, but with a twist that turned out to be huge.

In Robb’s book, he mentioned that if you weren’t burning fat fast enough on paleo, that you should cut back on the fruit and sweet potatoes because they have sugar in them, spike your insulin, and cause you to make body fat.

Since I was going paleo to get lean, I never ate fruit and sweet potatoes to begin with. So I was low carb by accident.

As soon as I started my low carb keto version of Paleo, I started feeling amazing and shedding tons of body fat.

I knew this was not a short-term thing for me. I wanted to do it for life.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t be that easy…

Even though I’d stumbled upon keto and got immediate results there were lots of challenges to overcome…

I was surrounded by high carb eaters so I had to figure out how to make my keto system resilient to temptation & peer pressure.

My wife initially thought keto was too restrictive so I had to figure out a way integrate keto into our relationship and get her to support it 100%. 

I remember going on a three week road trip and realizing my keto eating didn’t travel very well, so I had to come up with a strategy for ordering keto in restaurants and fast food joints.

Once I started ordering keto in restaurants I got judged by friends who thought I was high maintenance and received weird looks from waiters who didn’t know how to accommodate my special requests. So I had to fix that.

Once my friends and I started settling down, I realized my keto eating didn’t hold up very well on the engagement and wedding circuit so I had to come up with a fix for those types of social & emotional eating situations.

Everything I’ve read so far says alcohol isn’t great for keto but I like to drink socially and it’s deeply embedded in my social & family life, so I had to figure out how to integrate alcohol into my keto approach without derailing fat burning & productivity.

At work I realized I was a sitting duck being exposed to my co-workers’ high carb foods. There were high carb snacks in the break room, cakes & cookies at office birthday parties, and then all those catered lunches and team lunches with few keto options.

Because I spent a lot of time with my co-workers they were very comfortable telling me exactly how they felt about my diet :). So I had to come up with a way to make my workplace more keto-friendly. 

At home I have a son, Jacob, who loves treats and sees other kids eat them, so I’ve had to find a way to keep him happy while also keeping him as low carb as possible. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’ve had to learn how to avoid bringing a lot of high carb junk food into the house for him that I would inevitably end up eating.

My wife has been pregnant or breastfeeding for much of the the past 5 years so I’ve had to figure out how to make keto meals that are still satisfying and enjoyable to people who crave carbs and haven’t gone keto yet.

And, though I’m quite happy with my everyday physique now, I realized I needed a few extreme quick hitter strategies for 2-3 week bursts of cutting fat for getting my body in peak swim suit condition for lake trips, Vegas pool parties, and for when I felt I wasn’t burning fat fast enough. So I had to come with some plateau busting strategies.

While I was perfect my eating system, “keto” became the buzzword for what I was doing. 

And I started a blog documenting my favorite keto fast foods and keto recipes and that took off fast and now reaches about 500,000 people a month.

And every week I get emails from guys telling me about their challenges with keto and asking questions how they can make keto a little easier and add the joy back in.

So I looked around to see if anyone reputable was doing keto like me so I could forward my readers to a program or training system when they had questions.

I wanted to help.

But I realized a PRACTICAL step-by-step keto course didn’t exist.

So I’d either have to reply to every person’s question individually (which became impossible due to the number of emails I was receiving) or I’d have to create the course myself and teach my step-by-step system.

So I did it.

I recorded my entire step-by-step system.

It took me a good 8 months of writing, filming, and editing to get it all done.

Now my step-by-step system is finally ready for you. My whole system is ready to be given to you to start & finally finish your keto transformation.

Now it’s your turn to learn the exact same Keto Contrarian system that helped me…

#1 Get lean & Stay Lean (down 30lbs then maintenance mode for past 9 years).

Before keto, I was chubby, unhealthy, and unhappy in my mid twenties. I didn’t save many pictures from that era for obvious reasons, but my Mom had one framed on her kitchen counter that I can show you (pic below). Since going Keto Contrarian, I’m now more lean, energized, and optimistic even though I’m in my mid-thirties.

Ryan Before KetoRyan In Swim Trunks
#2 Go from failed entrepreneur (-$20,000) to profitable business owner (+$300,000). Yay!

Before keto, I tried to start 3 different businesses and all failed. My net income from them was $0.00. In fact, if you total up the expenses, it would probably would be more like -$20,000! That’s pretty bad.

I didn’t seem to have the focus & brain power to push through hard business problems & learn the requisite new skills to be successful.

Since eating keto those hard problems have become easier to solve because I have more mental capacity, think quicker, and stick to problems longer…I’m not as easily distracted or deflated.

I’m also able to get more done in shorter periods of time – the 2x Effect of Keto. Plus, there are fewer food comas and bathroom breaks — extra benefits of keto.

As a result, I finally got a profitable business going in 2013. It was a beef jerky of the month club called SumoJerky and it netted about $50,000 in annual profits.

After 3 years running it, I sold it for $155,000 on a public marketplace so that I could create this Keto Contrarian course.

While I hoped to get one of those huge printed checks for selling SumoJerky, all I got were some bank wires and this nondescript email confirming the sale:

Proof of Sale for Ryan's Biz

I can’t guarantee you business results and I understand you may be better at business than me and my results may not be that impressive to you. Or, you may not care about business stuff at all. That’s understandable.

What I think is interesting is the change in my business results since going keto.

And I know that maybe I can’t attribute 100% of my business results to keto, perhaps there are confounding variables, but I just don’t think I’d ever become a successful entrepreneur without it.

Whether you work a normal job, or do entrepreneurial stuff, or work from home, or are retired…I would tell you to expect to be much more productive once you go Keto Contrarian.

#3 Become more desirable marriage & father material (wife and 2 kids).

I was dating Krystal before I went keto, but there’s no guarantees that she would have married me if I continued down the path as a carb eater.

Would I have become too cynical, lost some of my wittiness, gotten too big for her tastes, or lost my ambition and sex drive? Who knows? She’s a sweet girl. She probably would have kept me.

But I know for me personally, the low carb lifestyle (and Krystal’s support of it) gave me the energy, confidence, and positive outlook to see marriage as an adventure rather than an obligation.

It made me eager to fulfill the responsibilities of being a husband. Again, there are confounding variables at play. I can’t know for sure what might have happened.

I do know for sure that keto played a role in helping me become a father because it…

#1. Changed my outlook from seeing kids as a burden, to seeing kids as my opportunity to pass on some of the things I’ve learned. Major mind shift for me.

#2. Kept my body ready to have kids. When the time came, my wife and I were able to get pregnant with relative ease. And I realize I’m only 50% of the equation, but I was happy to see that my 50% worked.

That’s my wife Krystal and our two sons, Jacob (3) and Luke (6 months) below in the photos with me.


#3. Made me confident I’d be a good dad once the kids arrived. I knew that all the extra energy, positivity, and patience that keto gave me would be useful in raising kids. That’s proven to be correct.

Keto helps me function better on days when I don’t get much sleep …which has proven especially useful w/ 2 young kids in the house.

Regardless of if you want to have kids (or already have them), you can be assured that my Keto Contrarian system will put your body in the best possible condition to have kids if the time comes.

This goes for women too. In fact, the keto diet is a proven remedy for women struggling with PCOS and infertility. I’m not the science of fertility expert but I’ve read 100’s of testimonials from women who are shocked at how quickly keto helps them get pregnant.

#4 Made me a more Respected friend

I now lead an entrepreneurial and adventurous life that my friends have a lot of respect for.

That’s because…

Keto has the side effect of making me do the things I always just kinda thought about doing.

For example…

Before keto, I used to think “learning some self defense would be a good life skill…I should probably do that at some point.”

But on keto, I actually did something. I called a local jiu jitsu gym owner and asked him exactly what I needed to do to take a class and what I needed to wear.

Then I took the most important step of all. I got out of my comfort zone and showed up to a class.

Now here I am years later earning my blue belt in jiu jitsu and meeting my jiu jitsu idol (black belt Kit Dale).


These are the types of adventures I used to only talk about as a carb eater. Now I go out and actually do them. And my friends like to hear about it…because it’s different from the norm.

I’m not saying Keto Contrarian is all of a sudden going to make you a martial artist or make you get into combat sports…but I believe it will get you actually doing some of the stuff you’ve always talked about whether that’s surfing in Brazil, or taking up woodworking in your garage, or practicing enough golf to finally lower your handicap. You’ll do it.

#5 Keeps me out of the damn doctor’s office

I don’t want to be in the custody of any doctor nor the health care system in general. I don’t go to the doctor unless something’s broken or it’s my last resort.

I know that health is important to you even if it’s just in the back of your mind like it is for me. I know you don’t want to do an eating system that compromises your long-term health even if it yields great benefits elsewhere.

That’s the great thing about keto. It makes you look better and feel better and it’s perfectly safe and healthy.

If anything, I’ve found that it reverses longterm chronic illness and mood issues.

For me, it’s reduced my irritable bowel symptoms, stabilized my mood, eliminated social anxiety and made me more extroverted.

To prove the safety of keto to my website readers, I went to see a non-keto friendly doctor at a local clinic, told her exactly how I ate, and asked her to do every blood test possible on me. This was about a year ago which was about 9 years into my low carb journey.

Since I didn’t have symptoms and felt great, I had to pay the $1,100 cost of the blood test myself and all I got were these 4 sheets of paper. Haha.

Still, it was worth it to have documented proof that my diet of the past 9 years was totally safe.

While my doctor was convinced my Keto diet was super unhealthy, my blood test results came back in her desired range on every indicator except one.

My LDL Cholesterol was slightly higher than the average person, but that’s been proven to be a good thing and extremely normal & safe for keto eaters.

My doctor acknowledged all my health markers were pretty remarkable for a 36 year old man (blood pressure, resting heart hate, blood tests, skin tone, etc), but still insisted on recommending that I eat more starches and whole grains. I declined.

As should you…

If you think you MIGHT be underachieving in any of the four pillars of health, wealth, love, or happiness, then I believe that becoming a Keto Contrarian will help you immediately.

How is my Keto Contrarian System Different?

It’s taken me 10 years to perfect my system for reaping the benefits of keto without tracking macros or testing ketones.

That’s why I call it “Keto Contrarian” because we’re doing keto differently from the mainstream keto crowd.

Here’s how…

#1. Accommodates binging, comfort eating, and emotional eating rather than trying to solve them.

Many courses want you to see therapists, hypnotists, or do guided meditations that supposedly help you stop binging, comfort eating, and emotional eating.

I think differently.

I believe we’re primally wired to binge and eat for emotional & comfort reasons. I also kinda enjoy binging from time to time and don’t plan to eliminate it from my life.

So I made my keto system accommodate it instead. And I’ll show you how that’s possible with my system.

#2. Allows you to drink beer & other alcoholic drinks (if you want)

My keto system lets you drink alcohol about 1-2x per week and still reap the fat burning & brain boosting benefits of keto.

Beer and alcohol do slow down your progress, admittedly. The key is to drink the right low carb alcohols in the right amounts to minimize the impact.

I like to party every once in awhile so I needed an eating system that got me lean & kept me despite my occasional nights out drinking.

If you don’t drink, congratulations, that’s definitely a competitive advantage for you when it comes to keto and fat burning. You’ll be able to skip the alcohol module in my course.

#3. Works in Non-Keto Households & Keeps you At Peace with your wife

My wife doesn’t currently do keto (she’s been pregnant or breastfeeding with our 2 kids for much of the past 5 years) and I don’t recommend switching to keto when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Instead, I had to find a compromise for us that worked without causing those little arguments that damage a relationship. I believe your eating system should help you deepen your relationships, not damage them.

#4. Encourages you to get variety in your Keto meals by “outsourcing” to restaurants, bars, takeout joints, fast food places, etc.

I’ll teach you how to make your own keto meals. But I also teach you how to eat keto when you’re out of the house and want to socialize, people watch, and let someone else cook for you. I dine out keto about 2-3x per week and assume you’ll wanna do some of that too.

#5. Gets you the benefits of keto without requiring you to track macros or test for ketones.

I give you my entire system for getting all the benefits of keto without tracking macros or testing ketones. If you wanna do those things, you can, but you don’t have to with my system.

What’s Included With Keto Contrarian?

Keto Contrarian is my complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand (as in step 1, step 2, step 3) to create your own Keto lifestyle to burn fat and 2x your productivity. No ambiguity or confusion. Literally step-by-step. Nothing is left out.

Keto Contrarian is an 18 module step-by-step digital course that walks you through exactly how to plan, create & execute your keto eating strategy.

  • Login 24/7 (all digital and downloadable)
  • You get the ENTIRE course UPFRONT. So you can binge it Neflix-style or watch 1x per day…or whatever pace works best for you.
  • And we’ll have a community of keto-ers going along with you to help support you & stay motivated & accountable.
Module 1 - How To Achieve More Dramatic Results In Fewer Days

Course Overview + Tips To Accelerate Your Progress

Module 2 - How To Start Eating Like a Keto Contrarian

Learn my contrarian approach to keto eating and get my approved keto foods list.

Module 3 - How To Get Loves Ones To Support Keto

Most impactful lesson in the course (in my opinion). Gives you a scripted conversation guide + cheat sheet for getting any loved one to support your keto eating (and maybe even try it themselves).

Module 4 - How To Cheat Proof Your Home Against Sugar & Carb Cravings

Make your home a temptation-free zone without aggravating people in your house.

Module 5 - How to Make 25 Keto Recipes Your Whole Household Will Love

I teach you how to pick the right keto recipes, then give you my best ones. My Hit Recipe Guide is introduced.

Module 6 - How to Shop For Keto Groceries With 0 Impulse Buys

My favorite lesson in the courses teaches you how to stay keto when shopping for groceries — whether you do it in-person or online.

Module 7 - How To Find Your Keto-Friendly Forever Snacks

Snacks are a critical food group for a Keto Contrarian. I’ll teach you which ones are best and how much you should be buying every week.

Module 8 - How To Find Your Keto-Friendly Forever Drinks

Learn what you should drink when ice water gets boring. I’ll introduce you to a few of my favorites.

Module 9 - How To Find Your Keto-Friendly Forever Alcohols

Learn how to do keto without giving up your favorite alcoholic beverages.

Module 10 - How To Eat Keto at Bars, Restaurants, and Takeout Spots

Learn how to special order keto stuff in restaurants without incurring the judgment of your friends and also while maintaining rapport w/ otherwise prickly waiters. Get my best keto orders at 15+ different types of restaurants.

Module 11 - How To Become a Keto Fast Food Expert

I spent 6 months and $2,000 learning how to order keto at the top 25+ fast food chains. You can learn everything I did in this 1 module.

Module 12 - How To Prepare for Emergencies By Stocking Up on Keto Frozen Dinners

Learn where to buy keto-friendly frozen dinners and learn which ones you should stock your freezer with for those “emergency” situations when cooking or ordering takeout seem like monumental tasks.

Module 13 - How To Attend or Host Parties and Stay Keto

You should not be skipping your niece’s birthday party or cousin’s wedding for fear of tripping up your keto eating. This module teaches you how to confidently attend or host any party while staying keto.

Module 14 - How To Make Your Workplace More Keto-Friendly

Most offices are nightmares for low carb eaters. I’ll teach you how make your office more hospitable to your keto eating habits.

Module 15 - How To Overcome Keto Critics and Carb Pushers

Dealing with criticism, ignorance, and peer pressure on keto can be tough. Get 20 real-life examples in this module and learn how to prevent or handle each.

Module 16 - How To Break Through Annoying Weight Loss Plateaus

Learn exactly what to do when you feel like your fat burning has slowed down. May never happen to you, but just in case.

Module 17 - How To Do Keto With Kids

Learn how I get my son to eat as low carb as possible while also reducing my own meal prepping burden.

Module 18 - How To Enter The Keto Contrarian Winners Circle

Learn the key indicators that you’ve successfully transformed into a Keto Contrarian.

How Much Does The Keto Contrarian Program Cost?

That’s a question I’ve asked myself as well.

Of course, I’m biased on how much I think this Keto Contrarian program will be worth to your life.

And I want to persuade you to buy it because I think it’s going to be the number 1 lever in transforming your life.

And there’s the obvious benefits that I make money when you enroll in the course.

But this reminds me of Google stock in 2005 (it’s 20x-ed since)…not just for your money. For the 4 pillars of the good life: health, wealth, love, and happiness.

How many times in your life have you got the chance to be early on a movement, on an investment?

I passed on Bitcoin a few years ago.

I never invested in Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple when I had the chance.

But I got in early to KETO and it’s been the best investment of my life.

You finding my Keto Contrarian system is one of those rare moments. A chance to be early…

And, I’ve personally paid a mentor $20,000 per year for stuff like this before.

As crazy as it sounds, that mentor investment was totally worth it. Why?

Because he taught me how to build & run a business all by myself. And he taught me how to replicate his successes and avoid most of his mistakes (which I what I’m going to do for you w/ keto). So eventually I wouldn’t ever need to pay him again. And that’s what happened.

That’s the business, SumoJerky, that ended up netting me $50K per year in profit and sold for $155K.

But I’m not going to charge you $20,000 per year like my mentor did.

And, I just went in for braces consultation and braces are going to cost me $4,500 after a $1,500 discount from my dentist because insurance wouldn’t cover it. And that’s just to align some bottom teeth.

But I’m not going to charge you the $4,500 my dentist is charging to transform my smile.

And I’ve taken tons of online courses myself. They offer some interesting data points.

I’ve taken a bad one that cost me $3,000 and got me nowhere. All the lessons were science-y, theoretical, and big picture and the instructor never got into the nitty gritty details and practical stuff that I needed. I learned from that.

That’s why my course is based entirely on how to eat keto in a practical way. It’s not science-y or theoretical. It’s step-by-step…exactly what I’ve done.

I’ve also taken good online courses that are super practical and take you from Point A to Point B in a very structured path. I like those…so I’ve copied their format in my course.

And the best courses coincidentally all have charged about $1,000 – $2,000.

And that’s a good amount of money. It’s a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s the RIGHT of amount of money in my experience.

Just enough to get me off my butt and taking action, but not so much that I have to take a loan out. It also recognizes the value of true transformation.

And it’s no coincidence that the more you spend on something the more likely you are to take action. So that’s something I’ve considered as well.

So…here’s what I’m going to do.

The Keto Contrarian course is $1,997, that’s the price I’ve settled on.


I’m gonna cover part of that investment for you, just like my dentist did with my braces, and I’m gonna offer you a partial scholarship of $1,000 because I believe in this program for you and the transformation it’s going to create for your life.

I also like getting good discounts and I try to offer you things I would want. So, $1,000 off is a good discount for someone if you’re an action taker and enroll before the deadline. The slow pokes and late registrants will pay full price.

Your partial scholarship deadline is programmed into this site and it’s the 1 thing I can’t be flexible on.

And, honestly, I think your health insurance should cover the whole cost of this…and maybe someday they will, but right now they won’t. They aren’t that progressive.

But, the $1,000 partial scholarship should help absorb some of the cost for you.

Course price: $1,997
Partial Scholarship Amount: $1,000 (Offer expires)
What You Pay: $997

So if you are going to enroll please do it before your $1,000 partial scholarship offer expires. That partial scholarship expiration is the one thing I can’t be flexible on.

And then your $997 gets you lifetime access to the program and any & all future updates.

Plus, You’ll Get 3 Awesome Bonuses…

My philosophy on bonuses is pretty simple: I include the things I’d want if I were taking the course for the first time.

So here’s what you get…

#1  Invite a Free Friend – Share your course login info with up to 1 other person who wants to go Keto Contrarian with you. This perfect if your wife is thinking about doing it with you. If you can’t think of the perfect person to share your login with today or your wife isn’t ready, that’s OK, you can redeem this bonus at any later date.

#2 Private Keto Contrarian Facebook Community – No need to go it alone! The Keto Contrarian Facebook Community is JUST for paying Keto Contrarian students. Have a question? Need clarification and feedback? You will get exclusive access with your enrollment and I’ll be in there too.

#3 Exclusive “Ride Along” Content Access – Watch me do the action steps for every module in the course. This is the perfect resource if you’d like to see EXACTLY how I’d approach becoming a Keto Contrarian if I were starting over today.

Your bonus access rights will be pre-loaded into your course once you enroll.


The standard guarantee for courses like this is supposed to be 30 days.

But, my Keto Contrarian course comes with a 90-day 100% money back guarantee.

I want you to have time to go through the whole program and try it. Crazy thing is…you can finish the whole course in 3 weeks, so 90 days gives you plenty of time to evaluate it, even if you don’t plan on starting today.

It’s a lenient guarantee, because I 100% stand behind the product.

And I know you’ll be honest with me about it.

This is like my masterpiece, so to speak, and I know it’ll transform your life…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you do what I teach you, good things happen. If you don’t do it, things stay the same for you.

If within 90 days you are unhappy with the course for whatever reason then I’ll give your money back.

So, now it’s time…

Enroll in my Keto Contrarian course and start today…


Everyday Course price: $1,997
Partial Scholarship Amount: $1,000 (offer Expires)


What You Pay…
Lifetime Course Access


one-time fee
  • 18 Step-By-Step Modules
  • Invite a Free Friend (Bonus)
  • Private FB Group Access (Bonus)
  • “Ride Along” Content (Bonus)
  • Access to all future course updates & upgrades
Enroll Now
90 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you haven’t signed up yet, you might be asking yourself these questions…

What if I'm not ready to start keto right now / today?

You should probably still enroll to redeem your $1,000 partial scholarship. Then you’ll have lifetime access to the course and can start when you’re ready. I’ll send you periodic email encouragements to make sure you don’t forget to start :).

Does Keto Contrarian work for women?

Yes, it works for women. I actually created the course based on feedback from my audience which is 75% female. The Keto Contrarian system helps women safely burn fat, feel healthy & amazing, and increase your productivity.

Can I track my keto macros if I want to?

Yes, you can track your keto macros if you find it helpful. As long as it doesn’t hinder your ability to stick to keto. My recommendation in the course is not to track unless you hit a stall.

Can I test for ketones if I want to?

Sure, go for it. In the course, I only recommend tracking things that matter — like your average weekly weight, how you look in the mirror, and how you feel. But, if testing your ketone levels is helpful and not too annoying for you, you can do it.

Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait?

Yes, you get access to everything right away. Though I do recommend taking the course in order, you can start the course whenever you want and attack the material at any pace you want …binge it Netflix-style, do 1 module a day, or 1 module a week.

Will this work if my husband (or wife, or anyone in your house) isn't keto?

Yes. My wife does not eat keto as of writing this. She believes in the benefits of keto and offers great moral support, but doesn’t eat low carb because she has been pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 5 years and I don’t recommend switching from high carb to low carb in those situations. My entire course was developed for people who live in non-keto households. I believe there is no one better to learn from than me if you’re in that situation.

Can I download the videos and all the other cool stuff?

Yes, everything is digital, online, and downloadable.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, you get lifetime access to the course including any updates or improvements I make over time.

Can I watch the videos on my cell phone, laptop, or desktop?

Yep, you can watch the videos on any internet-connected device or download them and watch them when you’re not connected to the internet. You can watch them on your cell phone, tablet, or computer, anytime.

I have another question. Who should I ask?

Please send me your questions at Myself or someone from my team will get back to you ASAP.